Delivering humanized
antibodies for safer drugs

YUMAB is an expert in fully human antibody development that offers an optimized discovery process tailored to the need of the pharmaceutical industry for a de-risked genera­tion of novel drug candidates.

The YUMAB® phage display discovery platform generates fully human antibodies closest to natural germline among those on the market without the use of animals.

Our antibodies combine maximum epitope diversity (library size >1011) with minimal risk for immunogenicity. The phage display technology is robust, rapid, and reliable, providing access to difficult targets and de-risking clinical programs with safe, effective leads. First antibody candidates are identified within weeks, saving precious time for later development stages.



Powerful libraries displayed by phages

Phage display is an in vitro technology which generates antibodies from universal libraries against any target antigen without the limitations of the animal immune system.

Phage display benefits

  • Large diversity of our universal human antibody library without epitope restrictions
  • Selection of in vivo affinity-matured antibodies from patient libraries or immunized animals
  • Rapid engineering of selected antibody fragments
  • Can be used on difficult multi-pass transmembrane proteins on living cells (whole cell biopanning)


YUMAB® phage display libraries have a long track record and have proven their value and excellent quality in pharmaceutical pipelines when compared head-to-head with other commercial libraries.


Principle of antibody phage display*


YUMAB® Antibody Library Features


Stephan Dübel

YUMAB co-founder

Phage display pioneers

YUMAB co-founder Stephan Dübel is one of the key inventors of phage display technologies, including antibody phage display (e.g. US Patent 5849500). Putting innovation into business, he and the other founders started YUMAB in 2012 based on a powerful phage display antibody development platform, capable of selecting fully human mAbs from ultra-diverse naive antibody libraries and of delivering mAbs with the closest-to-germline sequences on the market.

“It is great to see how some of our early work helped fuel the explosion of therapeutic antibody approvals we have seen in the past two years. With its ‘closest-to-germline’ philosophy, zero-mutation affinity maturation strategies and very short timelines, I think that YUMAB represents the best of what we have learned in the past 30 years about making effective and well-tolerable human antibodies."

Prof. Stefan Dübel, co-founder