“The human antibody repertoire in one tube – utilizing nature’s immune library for drug discovery”

The perfect start for your drug discovery:

YUMAB’s personalized and custom antibody libraries

Antibody discovery is all about finding the needle in the haystack, i.e. the right sequence that unlocks access to your target of interest. YUMAB’s broad library services and advanced in vitro selection technologies facilitate the identification of novel antibodies and the optimization of existing lead candidates against any target at a high success rate.

“YUMAB® libraries have a long track record and have proven their value and excellent quality in pharmaceutical pipelines when compared head-to-head with other commercial libraries.”

Universal YUMAB® libraries contain natural antibody sequences (no synthetic sequences), which are close to the human germline repertoire. These antibody sequences are pre-selected in the human body for low toxicity, immunogenicity, and high productivity, which makes them perfect for the development of therapeutic drugs.

Our library service portfolio:

Fully human antibody libraries

  • Universal, broad epitope coverage (up to 1011) from human donors (IgM repertoire) in scFv or Fab format (ready-to-use)
  • Custom-made immune libraries from human patients in scFv or Fab format
  • Close to germline, no CDR restrictions

Animal libraries

  • Custom-made naïve or immune libraries
  • Selection of multiple species, including cat, dog, horse, mouse, rat, rabbit, goat, chicken, llama and different antibody formats (scFv, Fab, VHH)

Paired libraries NEW!
Bringing together what belongs together: Antibody libraries with paired VH and VL combinations as generated in-vivo


Universal (1011) Patient-derived* Fully human


2-4 weeks

Hit panel

6-8 weeks

lead panel

6-8 weeks

Fast-Track Antibody Libraries and Expert Technology Transfer Services

We offer fast track development of libraries from human donors and animals including universal naïve and immune libraries. Biophysical properties can be optimized by antibody engineering if needed.

In addition, our technology transfer service ensures the successful use of our customer’s libraries for internal discovery. 


Seamless transition to lead development

All libraries are an integral part of the YUMAB® platform for antibody development. Depending on their needs we guide our clients through the discovery process.

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