Therapeutic antibody discovery & development


Bridging the gap
from target to lead

The success of next generation antibody drug development relies on comprehensive discovery technologies and strategies. YUMAB bridges the gap between research innovation and novel therapies. Our advanced
discovery platform provides access to challenging targets, enables new formats, and accelerates the development of human antibodies at a high success rate.

From target discovery to fully characterized lead – our experienced team leads biotech and pharma teams worldwide through the development process as your trusted, de-risking partner.

Contract research
and R&D services

YUMAB provides individually designed contract research projects for the discovery and the development of fully human antibodies, as well as R&D services for the engineering of antibodies.

Yumab key features

  • Almost 30 years of expertise in antibody research
  • Flexible business conditions
  • Human-derived, universal libraries (>1011)
  • Powerful in-vitro selection technology (also on cells)
  • High throughput screening technology (also on cells)
  • Antibody engineering by in-vitro evolution & bioinformatic design
  • Compatibility with difficult targets
  • Compatibility with all antibody formats

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