Why partner with us?

From target to lead – our mission is to accelerate & de-risk your therapeutic antibody pipeline.

YUMAB is your fast-track to next generation biotherapeutics. Tailored to your needs, our trusted team of experts forges the best strategy for discovery, selection, and lead optimization to deliver the successful drug candidate that you need.


Our promise:

  • Innovative solutions for difficult targets and new formats
  • De-risked, optimal developability / manufacturability
  • Low immunogenicity
  • Short development time, smooth transition to preclinical testing
  • Full-service project design and attractive licensing

“With their expertise and technological capabilities, team YUMAB has been the right match for the successful development of Ent001. Always tuned to our needs they guided us through the process, saving time and clearing the path for a first-in-class IBD drug candidate.”

Dr. Virna Marin, Senior Project Manager R&D, Enthera


Allies in antibody discovery & development

Patients are waiting for novel treatment options, and we support your race towards safe first-in-class or best-in-class biologics. Our powerful, advanced YUMAB® platform combines leading technologies, unique libraries and proprietary bioinformatics, integrating all relevant parameters from discovery to lead development. What sets us apart is the close relationship with our partners, whom we support throughout the entire process with exceptional know-how, creativity, expertise and a collaborative team spirit. Project design, costs, and timelines are tailored to your needs. In contract research or clinical development partnerships – together, we can bridge the gap between research innovation and novel medicines!

Our collaboration catalogue


  • Hit discovery, target identification
  • Lead engineering
  • Lead development

Contract research

  • Antibody engineering / optimization
  • Antibody humanization
  • Antibody libraries

Big thanks for the seamless collaboration and the comprehensive 'Literature Digest' on our technology!

Dr. Hendrik Schneider, Senior Scientist, Merck Group