Lead Development (in-silico)

Goal: The antibody lead development is recommended to identify and optimize the final lead candidates with the best developability score.

Principle: The antibody developability characteristics are modeled and compared to more than 200 late-stage and market approved antibodies. Next, unwanted patches or motifs are removed from the antibody sequence of the top candidates by using a proprietary in-silico sequence optimization tool. Afterwards, the ‘polished’ antibodies are produced and tested in the final format to confirm the functionality.

Application: Optimization of antibodies with therapeutic effect for cell line development and preclinical phases (internally generated or external antibodies).

The antibody lead development includes the following modules that can be individually combined:


Antibody sequence analysis

  • Modelling of developability characteristics of early lead candidates and comparison to late-stage and market approved antibodies (>200)
  • in-silico sequence optimization to remove undesired patches and motifs
  • Codon-optimization

Antibody reformatting and production

  • Reformatting into the mono- or bivalent antibody format (e.g. scFv, Fab, scFv-Fc, IgG; each format with different isoforms, Fc species or tags available).
  • Production by transient transfection of mammalian cells (typically HEK293, CHO on request)
  • Scalable up to 100 mg for selected lead candidate(s)
  • Low endotoxin available (< 1 EU/mg)
  • Stable cell line generation with external partner

Validation and analytics

  • Flow cytometry
  • Affinity measurement (Kinexa, BLI)
  • Gelfiltration/Size exclusion chromatography (with/without stress conditions)
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Functional bioassays (assay dependent, on request)
  • Animal testing (on request)

YUMAB® Lead Development

  • Developability ranking & in-silico optimization
  • Production, testing and characterization of final lead candidates


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