Project design & Licensing

Project design, costs and timelines

After a first meeting to clarify your demands and needs, the Yumab team will design an individual, modular and work package-based project plan for your contract research project. This project plan specifies major breakpoints in the project as well as costs and timelines for each work package. The total project costs are calculated according to the effectively performed work packages (sum of single work packages).


The project costs include an exclusive license for the in-house use of the antibodies and respective antibody sequences derived from Yumab’s antibody gene libraries (including affiliates and any third-party collaborators of the client).
License for commercial use:
If a therapeutic development and commercialization of the antibodies is initiated, an additional license is required. The following options are available:

Option 1: Milestone-based license model after reaching:

  • Clinical Phase I
  • Clinical Phase II
  • Clinical Phase III
  • Market approval

Option 2: Fee-for-service model:

  • One-time payment before reaching Clinical Phase I

Intellectual Property

The client is the sole and exclusive owner of the provided antibody sequences.


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